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black latte youtube

I just got back from a trip to Australia, and it was absolutely GORGEOUS! We stayed mostly on the Gold Coast and enjoyed the sun and the surf. I’m already thinking about going back to visit and staying a lot longer. The Aussies are the nicest bunch I’ve ever met while traveling.

One thing that really stood out to me was there were so many healthy choices for food. There were a ton of restaurants with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options – as well as trendy foods you’d typically find in Southern California, like green juice bars, green smoothies, and acai bowls.

While we were in Byron Bay, an adorable beachside town in the northernmost part of New South Wales, we found that the restaurants and retail shops weren’t big conglomerates, but rather locally owned establishments. One of them had a line out the door: a cafe called Combi – and holy cow, that place changed my life.

When I saw the turmeric latte on the menu I did a double take… what?!  Turmeric  in a latte? I had never heard of it before, so I asked the barista and she told me it was like a chai latte but way better.

Are you looking for a way to incorporate the many health benefits of turmeric  into your daily life? If so, I have just the beverage for you. It’s a turmeric latte, often lovingly called “golden milk.”

But wait, could anything with “latte” in the title actually be healthy? In this case, it’s a definite “yes!”  The benefits of turmeric range from improving heart health to discouraging cancer. Turmeric also provides significant anti-inflammatory effects that can benefit such a wide variety of health concerns since inflammation is at the root of most diseases. ( 1 )

A turmeric latte or turmeric milk always requires two essential ingredients: turmeric and some type of milk. You’re probably wondering what other ingredients go into this healthy elixir. Well, I’m basically taking my  Turmeric Tea Recipe to new heights with even more health-boosting ingredients like cordyceps, reishi and ashwagandha .

Turmeric ( Curcuma longa)  is a relative of ginger   and an absolute powerhouse when it comes to health. Turmeric contains a potent antioxidant called curcumin. Not only does curcumin give turmeric (and a turmeric latte) its bright color, it’s also one of the reasons why turmeric is such a healthy spice.

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